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December 22, 2021 | Kieways 2021 Q4

The Little Long Dam Safety project is setting the stage for the next decade of hydro-electric infrastructure development in Canada, and Peter Kiewit Sons ULC is leading the project as both engineer and contractor.

Located approximately 70 kilometers (43 miles) northeast of Kapuskasing, Ontario, Little Long Dam serves as a crucial passageway, managing the flow of water until it reaches the Arctic Ocean. The client, Ontario Power Generation (OPG), undertook the project to meet new regulatory requirements established by the Province of Ontario and to protect its four major hydro-electric generating stations in the event of large-scale flooding in the area.

This part of northeast Ontario experiences massive amounts of water flowing through the Mattagami River in April and July due to freshet (a thaw resulting from melting snow or ice).

Upon completion, the Little Long Main Dam will have the capacity to discharge total flow of 8,680 cubic meters of water per second or three times the amount of Niagara Falls.

This project will significantly improve safety — public safety, environmental safety and the safety of OPG’s critical hydro-electric assets.

“If the integrity of the dam became compromised, it could pose a risk to the local communities,” said Kiewit Project Manager Simon Gagne.

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